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Sr Kym Harris osb

Sr Kym Harris came originally from Sydney, one of a large and lively family. Followers of each Sunday's Programme will soon discover that the experience of her family has had a huge influence on her and continues to inspire her. She joined the Benedictines in Sydney in 1975 and was introduced to the ancient monastic practice of Lectio Divina or Divine Reading. This spiritual discipline teaches us to ponder carefully sacred texts, especially the Scriptures, so that we may become sensitive to the presence of God in our daily life and discover that the Gospel can truly be a guide in the ordinary and extraordinary circumstances of life.

Sr Kym Harris went to Melbourne on a foundation of her community in 1983 and was able to do theological studies at some of the fine colleges in that city. For her Master's Degree in Theology she presented a thesis on the Spirituality of Medieval Monastic Women. How women have lived monastic life through the centuries is an ongoing interest for her. From 2008-2010, she was privileged to be part of the team presenting, in Rome, the Monastic Renewal Program for Benedictine Women offered by the Conference of American Benedictine Prioresses.

In 2002, she came to the Benedictine Monastery on the beautiful Capricorn Coast of Central Queensland. Through her monastic life she has contributed to her community's livelihood, primarily by doing craft work: first pottery, then candle decoration, leatherwork and presently calligraphy. She has regularly written reflection columns on the Sunday Gospels. At present, she writes Casting the Net: Reflections for Newsletters in Catholic Schools in which she strives to present the wisdom of the Gospel and of our Catholic faith for people who may have little formal connection with the Church see (

Catholic Education Diocese of Rockhampton

The Catholic Education Diocese of Rockhampton extends from Bundaberg in the south to Mackay in the north and to the Northern Territory border.

The ministry of Catholic Education encompasses Adult Faith Education, Religious Instruction in State Schools and Catholic Schools and Colleges. Visit for more information.

It is hoped that the Pray as you can website will support the faith life of all involved in the ministry of Catholic Education.

The project is also a response to the Diocesan Pastoral Plan and one of its recommendations to "provide resources to assist with the further development of small faith-sharing groups".

Pray As You Can Contributor Sr Kym Harris