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Each of us has been given, as St Paul teaches, our own share in grace. Each of us has a wisdom of the Spirit by which the presence of Christ is revealed in our midst. Here you are invited to share of that wisdom which has been given to you in faith. To share your reflections with us simply click on the link to the right.

Name: Rich Broderick Reflection: 15th March 2014

“For see, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land” (Song of Solomon 2:11f). The word Lent, comes from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘lengthen,’ meaning springtime. Life entombed in winter, surprisingly bursts forth from the womb of spring. Lent was never about Good Friday, rather, it was about Easter; a time of preparation for baptism focused on new life in the Risen Christ. In the Gospel this first Sunday of Lent, Jesus is driven into the desert. The name for that desert was Hinnom, “the Desolation,”a place where you are put to the test: Jesus is being lured from setting up a Kingdom of love and service to controlling a political empire. In biblical language, he was ‘tempted’. Lent is calling us, the assembled community, to a conversion, to authentic Gospel based living and, to re-affirm our conviction of the equal dignity of every single human person. During this time of \"graced wilderness,\" we as a communities of faith are challenged by the words of the prophet Isaiah58:\" This is the fast I desire to break unjust fetters, Unbind the thongs of the yoke of those who are burden, \"let the oppressed go free, to share one’s bread (money and goods) with the hungry, and shelter the homeless poor, to clothe the person we see naked.\" It is by doing these things that we will really be in the spirit of Lent. Giving up chocolate is to trivialize lent. Lenten conversion asks us to think of ourselves as a community challenged to use our time, energy, talents, for the benefit of those who still lack the basic necessities of life. Lent should bring about a conversion to authentic Gospel based living and radically alter our relationships with each other and God. Some churches have proposed that we use this season to reestablish a balance in our relationship with nature, with all the sentient creatures, plant or animal that we share life with on this beautiful planet. We live on a planet covered with rich and abundant life but we have not been good stewards of this precious gift of God. We are 5% of the global population rapaciously consuming 40% of the earth’s resources. Lent offers us the opportunity to “fast” from our conspicuous consumerism and share more of our resources with those who have much less.

Name: Colleen Heathwood Reflection: 1st June 2012

Trinity God I believe in Trinity, This eternal mystery. Just one God but undoubtedly, My God’s infinity belongs to three. The Father, Creator, with outstretched hand, Made this great world and right here I stand, On this same ground where Jesus walked. He’s God the Son and His Gospel still talks. If we listen today we’ll hear his word, And our own Holy Spirit will not be blurred. Our hearts will be stirred to grow in grace. We’ll search for God in each person’s face. With God’s Spirit and God’s Word and God’s Creation, May our hearts not be lead into temptation.

Name: Megan Biggs Reflection: 24th July 2010

Reflection: The day before I read this, I was invited for a cuppa with my elderly neighbours who have recently sold and were packing up to leave. As a consequence they were short on coffee cups and the only one left had a 'crack' in it. They were reluctant to let me use it, but I asked them if it leaked. 'No', Anna replied. 'Well then, its fine for me. I have a lot of cracks in me too.' They laughed at this, but understood the meaning that I was not the least bit perfect so didn't mind having a less than perfect cup to use However, after reading the gospel, I can see that its those very cracks we all have, that enable the light of Jesus to penetrate and also for others to catch a glimpse of the beauty of the human soul when it is exposed, broken and vulnerable. God actually uses our cracks for this purpose so that we all come to know the 'treasure', the 'pearl' of living close to him.

Name: Megan Biggs Reflection: 5th June 2011

After reading the gospel and then the commentary and exposition, I was uplifted to read about the love of Jesus in our \'mixed-upedness\'. As a sufferer of Bipolar Disorder, I have profoundly felt the states of\' mixed-upedness\'. I have found myself in the depths of depression, unable to feel loving and compassionate, doubting the existence of God, seeing a Godless world all around me, having a sense of not being alive. Now I know that even in this state, Jesus was there loving me through it, and I know he will always be there for me.

Name: Megan Biggs Reflection: 3rd Sunday of Lent

This is my all time favourite story of Jesus because the person he redeems is a woman. For so long now, women have been the downcast, the outcast, the slaves of men, particularly in Countries such as Afghanistan. It is time for the Holy Spirit to reach out to women of Faith, to help them to \'rise up\', to be like this Samaritan Woman....bold and beautiful.

Name: Laurel Movigliatti, Newcastle, NSW Reflection: 13th March 2011

What I love about these reflections is the fact that we can sit with them for the whole week and allow them to become one with us; one with our thought pattern, one with our breath....... while we are awake and asleep. This can only be a very positive help on our Spiritual full and rich, thank you all

Name: Megan Biggs Elliott Heads Qld Reflection: 2nd Sunday of Lent

just want to praise the Holy Spirit for inspiring great minds and people of faith to produce a website that enables one to fully embrace the word of God, to reflect fully in all creative forms and to take that word into one\'s heart and reach out in love to all around. Praise him, praise him, praise him.

Name: Megan Biggs, Elliott Heads Qld Reflection: 2nd Sunday of Lent

Just a suggestion for a lovely piece of music for this gospel: _You raise me up_ from Songs of Inspiration, (Sony Bmg Music Entertainment).

Name: John Brown Reflection: 1st Sunday of Lent

Lent to me should be approached not with a down cast sombre mood but with enthusiastic determination. After all we are preparing to celebrate Easter and the resurrection we have to be like olympic athletes - at our best. We should relish Lent for the opportunity to review, renew and repent.

Name: M'Liss Kerr Reflection: 25th Feb 2011

I have only just received this email, and have had a look at the site and it is just wonderful what a great help and very easy to use I just love it.

Name: Reflection: 6th Sunday Year A

I would like to let you know that my 80yr old mother-in-law purchased an iPad this week so she could follow this website.

Name: G Davis Reflection: 20th Sunday

WOW how beautiful! I love it! I especially like the idea of the poem (a lovely poem – I had to read it a few times), the paintings, the photos to share, the Gospel paraphrased, the mulling meditation (this is more my style) The website is very useable and has a beautiful friendly feel about it. Fantastic!