All Saints Day
Sunday 1st November 2020

Image supplied by Sr Cecilia Prest

Mirror meditation

In the Letter of James, we are told that the Scriptures are like a mirror in which we can see ourselves. In this type of meditation we take a piece of Scripture, hold it before us and consider what echoes within our heart. These echoes help us to see who we are before God and how we are loved.

What usually echoes in us are situations that we are dealing with in our lives. When something strikes us, we do not actively try to solve the situation or work it through. Rather we sit holding it in God's love. The point of such a meditation is to make space within the situation for God's love to be. In 'sitting with' such a situation, painful or sad, we come to recognise the love of God that is at work on our lives.

The suggestions for Mirror reflections can also be used for Exercise reflections but wouldn't be advised for Driving Prayer as often some degree of emotion or distraction might rise in such prayer.

This Sunday's Mirror Meditation

The Beatitudes offer us a way into the very heart of our Christian faith.

Take time to sit quietly with your God. As you rest in God’s presence take the text of the Beatitudes and reflect how you have experienced in your life what each one is about. The questions below are only suggested springboards for your reflection.

When have you discovered God in the midst of your vulnerability?

When has your heart been broken, only to discover a hidden comfort?

When had you dealt with a difficult situation, with a strength and gentleness you didn’t know you had?

When have you felt zealous for God?

When has compassion flowed out in your life?

When have you truly desired God?

When have you worked for peace?

When have you been scorned for your beliefs and known that testing as a blessing for your heart?