32nd Sun A
Sunday 8th November 2020

Image supplied by Lois Munro

Mulling Meditation

The purpose of mulling meditations is to offer a few ideas that one can mull about while doing other occupations. There are many things we do in our day that do not require our full attention - some things which are largely done on automatic pilot - like driving a car or peeling the potatoes. While we give these our attention, part of our mind is still at work mulling on other things and unless it is given something positive to feed on, we easily feed on negative thoughts. Personally I find mulling time the most likely time for God to get through to me. Because I am not so conscious of myself, God gets through the cracks and opens my heart to look at life differently.

Two practical times for mulling can be when exercising and when driving. Some small preparations for integrating such prayer into these exercises can be helpful.


As you do your preparatory stretches, pray the line of the Psalm
"I praise you God for I am wonderfully made!"

Similarly when doing your concluding stretches use the prayer of St Clare
"Praised be you, my God, for creating me!"


Have some music that you find helps you turn you mind and heart to God and play that for the first 10 minutes or so of your trip.

This Sunday's Mulling Meditation

While God’s presence may surprise us at time God does not come unexpectantly. That may seem a strange sentence but what it means is that there are regular situations in our lives when we experience God. Our personality and interests largely determine these. Devoted grandparents met God in their grandchildren, nature lovers in a sunrise, reflective people in times of silent meditation with God.

As you go through this week, mull on the times when you do met God. What are the situations when your relationship with God comes to the fore? Acknowledge these times and wonder how you could foster them in your relationship with God.